Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Organizing

So how do you take 24 years of marriage and "stuff" from a 4 bedroom house and try to condense that down to fit into a 1 bedroom apartment. Well, believe me that's not easy. We sold our house on June 16th and had an auction the following day. I did not attend the auction as I just couldn't bear to see all my treasures go for pennies on the dollar.

Our stuff has been packed in containers and shipped off, yet I find I still have a bunch of items that I want to take with us. How will I ever fit all of this in the car??

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shooting An Azimuth

In order to begin to make sense of this journey, I will have to go back to old journal entries and post these in order to determine the direction in which I am currently heading. I have been a licensed "healer" for a long time, working in the field of massage therapy...and truly I have always had a passion for helping others.

Through all these life experiences, I am headed on a truly incredible adventure. But first, let's start at the start:

Journal Entry: 25 April 2008, My class starts today and I'm excited to see what new concepts we will be introduced to. I'm also happy to be in Gayle and Sandy's presence. They help me be the "kinder, gentler" Malinda.

Today I received som news that saddened my heart. At lunch, Sandy was talking about one of her patients, Christinie (who was my first oncology massage patient in Santa Fe). Christine passed away due to her cancer last year. She was such a dear, gentle soul - and I am honored to have been part of her journey. This training is changing my very core - all for the better.

The changes I see in myself amaze me. It seems I am less guarded with my heart. Still protective, but not as guarded. The desire/need to "Be" is strong, yet sometimes takes a lot of convincing todo! I am on a spiritual journey - and don't know where it's taking me or exactly what it even means. I have a need to "simplify" - which means getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I can't wait to dig into the closets.