Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beginning of the Journey

As I sit amongst moving boxes, feeling alone...I know that this is all the beginning of my new life. It's early! And I'm sitting here waiting to welcome the sunrise over the mountain. Though I am alone and in a new city, I feel enlivened with all the possibility!

I wrote these sentences a few days ago, before very much of the living room floor could be detected. Now, the apartment is mostly put together. I am back with my "Stuff" and it's beginning to feel like home. I have found the dry cleaners, back road to get down busy streets and seem to have my kitchen functional. I have secured a storage facility AND hauled all the stuff that wouldn't fit in the apartment over there (down 2 flights of stairs at an altitude of over 6,500 feet above sea level, I might add). This counted as a cardio workout for the day - let me just say, I was pooped!

Tonight, I am going to the first class of a three week program in photography. Zia Methodist Church is offering classes with a former CNN photographer. I'm thinking this will be a great way to spend a few Wednesday nights, before classes start at Southwest. Correspondence with SWAC has kicked up - I'M REALLY DOING THIS!!! I REALLY LIVE IN SANTA FE!!! I'M REALLY ABOUT TO BEGIN ACUPUNCTURE SCHOOL. Oh my!